Caux Collective’s Artist Seventy-Two: Volume Fifteen

We’ve always said there’s nothing wrong with a bit of variation, so in order to bring you something a little bit different from the usual drawers and painters, we’ve chosen today as the day we bring you the unbelievable sculpture and installation work of 54-year old, Australian hyper-realist Artist, Ron Mueck.

Normally when we write these we talk about what the Art is of, or is inspired by, how they go about making it etc. But when you are writing about the work of somebody like Ron Mueck, how can you sum it up? Seriously, just look at it. There’s nothing that you can really say about a five metre high human sculpture (titled ‘Boy’, 1999) that the sculpture doesn’t already say itself.

Just a month or so ago our founder and his College class went to the Margate Turner Contemporary and saw, among many pieces, Mueck’s most recent sculpture titled ‘Youth’ (2009), and he said it was one of the most overwhelmingly strange experiences related to seeing a piece from a famous artist, as he was just awe-struck by just how weirdly realistic it was, and was almost expecting it to move.  

Mueck’s work, mostly credited as being made with mixed-media due to the wide variety of materials used in their creation, range from the small to the large. For example his 2007 piece named ‘Woman With Sticks’ is one of the smallest, and stands at just over 180cm tall, whilst his self-portrait piece named ‘Mask’ which is a remarkably realistic reproduction of Mueck’s own frowning face, lies on it’s side on a plinth and is approximately eight-feet in size.

If you wish to see more of Ron Mueck’s work you can either search for exhibitions of his across the Internet to see if there is one close to you, or by joining his Facebook which is here where you should find regular updates.

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